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Chinese enterprises recycle of waste plastics from wordwide

Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 18, 2018

As the world's largest producer and consumer of plastics, China has produced a quarter of the world's plastics since 2010, accounting for one-third of global consumption. Even in 2014, when the plastics processing industry started to slow down, China produced 73.88 million tons of plastic products and domestic consumption of 93.25 million tons, an increase of 22% and 16% over 2010 respectively.

The huge demand makes plastic raw materials has become a huge necessity, its source of production, including the recycling of waste plastics processing. It must be noted that, waste plastics, in fact, with scrap copper, waste paper, is a legitimate renewable resources. According to the report released by the Ministry of Commerce of China on the development of renewable resource recycling industry, 2014 is the peak of the amount of recycled plastic waste in the country, but it is only 20 million tons, accounting for 22% of that year's consumption. And these recycled waste plastics worth Rmb110bn, more than a third of the total value of scrap recycling, 2/3 more than the value of waste paper recycling.

At the same time, the price of importing one ton of plastic waste from abroad is only one-third of the price of imported plastic raw materials, and the processing cost is only one-half that of raw materials, which is obviously a profitable business for traders Big business. According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, in 2009 there were as many as 1,600 legitimate enterprises engaged in the import and processing of waste plastics in the country, and the approved amount of waste plastics reached 14.84 million tons, but this is only about 50% The percentage of approvals dropped to 1/5 in 2016. When actually importing, under the influence of various factors such as customs inspection and other factors, the actual import volume of waste plastics is only 50% of the approved volume, and the amount of smuggling behind it is unknown.

From January to August 2016, Chinese companies imported waste plastic from 122 sources worldwide, nearly 30% of them from Hong Kong, China, and from Guangzhou. Interestingly, Hong Kong is also one of the major importers of waste plastics in the world. Due to the waste plastic recycling industry in southern China, most of the imported waste plastic is shipped to the Mainland for cheap processing.

If these imported waste plastics are treated in an environmentally sound manner, they are not a problem in themselves, but the problem lies in the non-compliance, which includes a large number of home-based workshops that have appeared in documentaries. In 2010, Josh Goldstein, a professor at the University of Southern California, went to China to track waste plastic recycling lines. At the time, he got the official statistics of about 60,000 home-style waste plastic processing workshops in China, Km of Hebei Wen'an County, the largest distribution center for plastic waste in the north, was once distributed to 20,000. A large number of foreign waste plastics that can not be disposed of by low-cost environmental protection are transported here and become the main way for locals to get rich.

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