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Textured ABS Sheet for Display Components

Textured ABS Sheet for Display Components

ABS Sheet, ABS Sheet for Thermoforming, Vacuum Formed ABS Sheet manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Textured ABS Sheet for Display Components, Co-Extrusion HIPS Plastic Sheet for Thermoforming Industrial Packaging, Fire Retardant ABS Sheet for Bus Interior Components and so on.

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What is ABS?
ABS is an acronym for the material's generic name, Acrylonitrile, Butadiene and Stryene contributes to this unique versatility. ABS has perhaps the best balance of properties when cost is a factor. It has good chemical and stress-resistance as well as a combination of toughness with rigidity and creep resistance.
ABS represents an excellent choice for many thermoforming applications. It is easily thermoformed and lends itself to remarkable reproduction of mold detail. Additional thermoforming benefits include ease of post-forming fabrication.
The strength of ABS depends on temperature. As temperature decreases, the impact strength of ABS also decreases. Design considerations should be guided by this 
Including:    ABS high Gloss Sheet ,
                   ABS Matte Sheet ,    
                   ABS textured Sheet .
                   ABS Fire Resistant Sheet .

1. Good mechanical strength, high impact strength
2. Resists scratching, Excellent abrasion resistance
3. Good electrical properties, moisture and creep resistance
4. High dimensional stability, good luster
5. Good chemical and stress cracking resistance to inorganic salt solutions, alkalis and many  acids(strong oxidizing acids is a exception).
 ABS Sheet Machining Solution
shearing with different tools or machines.

 ABS Sheet Applications
1.  Automotive interior and exterior
2.  Aircraft interior trims
3.  Home appliances
4.  Architectural model building & prototype Models
5.  Machine parts and rollers
6. Advertising printing (screen printing ,digital printing ,laser printing,inkjet printing),sign ,display
7.  refrigerator's door liner,inner liner 


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