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BASF develops first Transparent Polyamide that allows Light to Pass

Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 12, 2018

semi-transparent polyamideBASF has developed a semi-crystalline polyamide that permits light to travel through largely unobstructed. Ultramid Vision is capable of transmitting very high light along with low light scattering. The semi-crystalline polyamide of BASF is the world’s first semi-transparent or transparent in chemically challenging environments. Other special characteristics of this unique polyamide are UV and temperature resistant, scratch-proof as well as suitable for flame-retardant requirements. Ultramid Vision is especially suitable for parts for the visual check, illumination or light design.

Due to exceptional visual properties, the Ultramid Vision stands apart from other compounds. In comparison to semi-crystalline standard polyamides, which are nearly opaque and visually hazy at a wall thickness of only one millimeter, Ultramid Vision helps to see easily through parts at wall thicknesses of up to several millimeters. The components made from Ultramid Vision are hardly affected when exposed to elevated temperatures and moisture.

The balanced property profile of good mechanics and processability together with high temperature, scratch and chemical resistance at an attractive price level make Ultramid Vision a preferred choice in comparison to alternative transparent and semi-transparent materials. It has outstanding UV resistance and is also suitable for applications involving direct exposure to sunlight. Ultramid Vision also presents excellent stress cracking resistance to sunscreen, cleaning agents and solvents as we11 fats and oils.

Customers can get products featuring diffuse light scattering along with high transmittance specially colored grades. Alternatively, Ultramid Vision can be colored with polyamide-based color masterbatches. Ultramid Vision can also be combined with other polyamide materials in a multi-component injection-molding process.

Ultramid Vision has a wide range of applications requiring a visual check, e.g. level indicators. The new polyamide can also be used for shockproof and chemically resistant covers for lighting elements.

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