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BASF presents world’s first particle foam based on Polyethersulfone with unique combination of properties

Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 30, 2018

BASF Foam Polyethersulfone Based

BASF, an outstanding expert in foams, has developed world’s first particle foam based on polyethersulfone with a unique combination of properties: high-temperature resistance, inherent flame retardancy, an extremely lightweight coupled with great stiffness and strength.

Complex-shaped components in cars, airplanes and trains with demanding mechanical properties suitable to withstand high operating temperatures and characteristics to meet stringent flame-retarding, can easily be made from the new foam. The PESU granulate, which can be expanded, is pre-foamed into beads having low densities in the range 40 and 120 g/L and can be processed into molded parts with complex 3D geometries.

BASF’s Ultrason E is an amorphous thermoplastic with a unique temperature profile. The product remains dimensionally stable up to a high glass transition temperature of 225°C. The mechanical and dielectric properties of the product are good and only slightly dependent on the temperature.

The material has exceptionally high limiting oxygen index of 38 (according to ASTM D 2863) and meets the parameters of commercial aircraft such as combustibility, low heat release and low smoke density (“fire, smoke, toxicity”) even without the addition of flame retardants, that makes it intrinsically flame retardant.

PESU particle foam offers highly stiff and strong components that are dimensionally stable at high temperatures. The freedom in design of the components made of PESU particle foam is high due to high flexibility in terms of densities and shapes, fewer processing steps and lower system costs.

The recycling of the parts is easy due to one single origin polymer. Components made of thermoplastic with complex geometries and lightweight have better properties to meet the requirements of e-mobility in automotive construction, the modernization of aircraft cabin interiors and increasing flame retardant requirements in public transport.

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