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Covestro uses CO2 technology to develop a new series of Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU)

Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Covestro CO2 Technology based TPU

Covestro is developing and marketing the new polyether carbonate polyols with the trade name cardyon, which is made with the use of carbon dioxide (CO2). The company has also developed a new series of thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) with Desmopan 37385A that has polyether carbonate polyols based on CO2 technology.

The new TPU products have advantages over the conventional TPU materials by leaving a lower carbon footprint and helping in closing the carbon cycle. In addition, they reduce the consumption of fossil resources.

Georg Fuchte, TPU expert at Covestro, said, “With the new TPU, our customers can reduce the carbon footprint of their products and as a result play a pioneering role in sustainability vis-à-vis their competitors. This is especially true for companies in the consumer goods industry, which often manufacture products with a short lifespan.”

Covestro’s Desmopan 37385A has excellent mechanical characteristics with a hardness of 85 Shore A. Some of the TPU grades are of similar hardness whereas some others may even exceed them. The plastic designed for extrusion is also suitable for injection molding.

Fuchte, commented, “The application spectrum covers typical applications of conventional TPU grades with comparable hardness and ranges from soles and upper shoe components to sportswear, handles and knobs to packaging for sensitive electronics.”

Covestro intends to obtain different hardness in a large number of new TPU series. According to Fuchte, Covestro is focusing on applications, which have short cycle time and can be economically produced.

Covestro collaborates with other companies and research institutions to use CO2 technology for other large-scale chemical raw materials.

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