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CRRC introduces its new generation of light Carbon Fiber Metro Vehicle

Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 19, 2018

CRRC Carbon Fiber Metro

CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC), headquartered in Beijing, the world’s largest supplier of rail transit equipment with the most complete product lines and leading technologies, introduced its new generation carbon fiber metro vehicle “CETROVO” at the Innotrans 2018 in Berlin.

CETROVO, is an integration of the advanced new materials and technologies that offer energy efficiency, environmental protection, comfort, and intelligence in comparison to traditional metros. Using the carbon fiber technology, the new metro is lighter in weight by 13% making it more energy efficient.

Ding Sansan, a scientist of CRRC and deputy chief engineer of CRRC Sifang, said, “The new generation metro vehicle incorporates advanced carbon fiber technology: the carbody, the bogie frame, the driver’s cab, the equipment cabinet and the equipment body are all made of carbon fiber composite materials. This means that it is a metro vehicle with large-scale application of carbon fiber composite materials for the first time in China.

The new generation carbon fiber composite metro vehicle has achieved more than 30% reduction in the weight of carbody, driver’s cab and equipment cabinet respectively, a 40% reduction in bogie frame and a 13% decrease in the complete vehicle.

Ding Sansan, added, “Although the manufacturing cost of carbon fiber composite material is higher than traditional metal material, the former is much lighter and has obvious strength in energy-saving, and it also has some excellent performances in fatigue resistance, tolerance to different weather conditions and corrosion resistance, which can effectively ensure the metro vehicle free from failures due to fatigue and corrosion in its 30-year of service life, thus the maintenance work is reduced and the entire life cycle cost is decreased. A lighter vehicle also reduces damage to the metro line.”

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