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Introduction Of 100% High Performance New Material Impact Polystyrene ABS Sheet

Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 16, 2018

Introduction Of 100% High Performance New Material Impact Polystyrene ABS Sheet


ps/polystyrene sheet 
1. high quality with best price 
2. color and size customized 
3. high glossy and transparency
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Feature of ps/polystyrene sheet
opaque impact resistant rigid to flexible depending on thickness
both general purpose and high impact ps
inherently stable
absorb very little water
odorless and tasteless
easy to process
undergo very little shrinkage
can be readily printed, welded, coated and thermoformed
can be recycled   

Applications of ps/polystyrene sheet:       

ps sheets are widely used for engraving/advertisement sheets, instruments,
parts of instrument, lamps, decorations, airplanes, automobile fittings, medical
appliances, work of arts, insulation materials for electrical appliances, specimen,
sign boards and various articles for light industry, culture, education and livelihood      

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