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ReVital Polymers, Pyrowave and Ineos Styrolution form a strategic partnership to Recycle Polystyrene Packaging

Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Ineos Polystyrene Consortium

ReVital Polymers, Pyrowave, and Ineos Styrolution,  three industry leaders involved with post-consumer packaging recovery, has formed a strategic partnership to recycle polystyrene packaging collected in consumer curbside and depot recycling systems as well as other sources such as restaurants, offices, schools, and universities.

Pyrowave has pioneered advanced recycling technology that closes the loop by recycling single-serve polystyrene packaging and utilizing recycled polystyrene in the manufacturing of new products and packaging reducing the amount of polystyrene packaging going to landfill and also addressing the global problem of plastic pollution in marine environments.

The recycling chain, ReVital, Pyrowave, and Ineos Styrolution will introduce a new way to recycle the post-consumer polystyrene packaging in an integrated, restorative and regenerative manner that retains the material’s highest utility and value within a circular economy. Pyrowave has developed an award-winning microwave machine that will convert ReVital’s sorted post-consumer polystyrene packaging to a liquid that contains plastic building blocks, called monomers, which will then be used by Ineos Styrolution.

Ineos Styrolution will use the material from ReVital and Pyrowave in a final step to return it to virgin resin that can be suitable for any new polystyrene application. Pyrowave’s technology is the connecting link between the ReVital and Ineos Styrolution and offers a process that would make polystyrene infinitely recyclable even with color additives and food residue.

Keith Bechard, Chief Commercial Officer at ReVital Polymers Inc, said, “Polystyrene packaging, regardless of colour, food residue or odours, can be successfully added to recycling programs. For ReVital, this project is an opportunity to increase our range of acceptable feedstock, increase the recovery rate for residential and commercial recycling programs and increase our value proposition to customers.”

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