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Sheet ABS plastic (abs)

Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Sheet ABS plastic

The number of layers of the sheet by co-extrusion varies from one to five. The use of two or more layers in the leaves, obtained by coextrusion, allows you to combine the properties of different types improving their properties. For example, manufactured by coextrusion plastic ABS/PMMA combines decorative properties of acrylic and such properties plastic, mechanical strength and processability.

Special properties of the sheet by the customer are provided by the introduction of special additives during extrusion. Thus can be obtained:

  • fire resistant plastic that does not support combustion beyond the source of open flame;

  • plastic, resistant to UV radiation for the articles exposed to outdoor sunlight;

  • frost-resistant plastic with reduced brittleness for products used at very low ambient temperatures.


ABS has high impact strength and wear resistance, non-toxicity and elasticity. Mostly the material used for the manufacture of products by thermoforming. Easily withstands atmospheric conditions and the temperature difference. Operating temperature from -50°C to +80°C. Resistant to alkalis, lubricating oils, solutions of inorganic salts and acids, hydrocarbons, oils, gasoline.


In the automotive industry on the basis of ABS plastic and its compositions are the details of the interior and exterior of the car. This includes panels, frames, plates, instrument panels, window frames, door trim and other interior parts, grille, wheel caps, body lights and exterior mirrors, the neck of the collector, door trim, bumper. Relatively widespread use in the automotive industry found a composition based on ABS plastic – ABS / PC.
Used in the manufacture of parts of refrigerators, televisions, vending equipment, tuning cars, the ABS plastic used in other areas, such as: advertising, consumer goods, building industry, medicine and others.


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