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The difference between PVC foamed plate and PP plate

Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 27, 2017

1. Color difference:

PVC color is rich generally have dark gray, light gray, beige, ivory, transparent and so on.

PP material can not be transparent, commonly used color for primary colors, rice gray, porcelain white and so on.

2. Weight difference:

PVC density is higher than PP plate, so PVC is heavier, pp board is lighter.

3. Acid and Alkali degree:

PVC acid and Alkali degree than PP board will be better, but the texture is brittle and hard, anti-ultraviolet radiation, can withstand the climate change for a long time, non-flammable, have light toxicity, but PP plate is not UV, the sun light for a long time will change color.

4. Temperature difference:

PVC range is 0-60 degrees Celsius, PVC this material temperature range is-40-100 degrees Celsius, pp temperature range is about 0-80 degrees Celsius.

5. Price difference:

PVC price compared with PP, pp is relatively cheap.

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