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Acrylic Plate Classification Introduction
Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 27, 2017

Acrylic Casting Board: High molecular weight, excellent stiffness, strength and excellent resistance to chemical properties, this plate is characterized by small batch processing, in the color system and surface texture effects have incomparable flexibility, and product specifications complete, applicable to a variety of special purposes.

Acrylic Extruded PLATE: Compared with the casting plate, the molecular weight of the extruded plate is lower, mechanical performance is slightly weaker, however, this feature is conducive to bending and thermoforming processing, in the processing of large size plates, is conducive to rapid vacuum blister molding, while the thickness of the extrusion plate is smaller than the casting plate, because the extrusion plate is a large amount of automated production, The color and specification are inconvenient to adjust, so the product specification diversity is limited.

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