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Bio-on Celebrates The Opening Of Its First 100% Natural And Biodegradable Special Bioplastics Production Plant In Italy
Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 23, 2018

Bio-On Bioplastics Plant

Bio-on, operating in the high-quality bioplastic sector, celebrated the opening of its first 100% natural and biodegradable special bioplastics production plant in Castel San Pietro Terme near Bologna. Bio-on has planned 20 million Euro investment for its first owned new production hub.

The new plant, highly sustainable, will be built in an area of 30,000 m2; that has 3,700 m2 covered space and 6,000 m2 land for development, the current production capacity of 1000 tons per year can be quickly doubled. The plant is equipped with the very latest technologies and the most advanced research laboratories.

The plant will produce different types of special biopolymers, particularly Minerv Bio Cosmetics, the natural and biodegradable bioplastic designed to replace harmful microbeads in today’s cosmetics. CNS division laboratories (Cosmetic, Nanomedicine & Smart Materials), which employ more than 20 researchers also has its headquarters at the plant site.

Marco Astorri, Chairman and CEO of Bio-on, said, “We are extremely proud, that this factory demonstrates all Italian excellence and is the beginning of a new era in the global green chemical industry. From today, thanks to our bioplastic, many companies will have the chance to protect the environment and give ecological credentials to their products, in compliance with ever more stringent limits on the use of conventional plastics.”

Riccardo Casoni, Director, Bio-on Plants, commented,  “Like all complex industrial plants, the new production hub is running a series of tests before becoming fully operational in the autumn. The entire production cycle is run from an innovative control room at the heart of the plant and this is where the entire industrial process will be tested before production begins 24/7.”

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