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Increase In Use Of HDPE For Moisture Barrier Applications
Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 09, 2018

Increase in use of HDPE for moisture barrier applications:

HDPE such as Alathon M6210, Alathon L5885, and Alathon L5485 have high moisture barrier properties due to their favorable range of OTR and WVTR. The use of nucleation technologies further propels this property in the new HDPE. Moreover, the high moisture barrier property helps in increasing the shelf life of food products such as cookies and cereals. It also improves the shelf life of various other products by providing moisture resistant food packaging, thereby leading to its demand.

High consumption pattern across APAC:

The global consumption of HDPE is dominated by APAC, with China alone consuming over 23% of the global consumption. The high demand can be attributed to the increasing demand for plastics, which in turn is fueled by the growth of packaging and construction industries across the globe. Furthermore, the high demand volumes in the region have resulted in the decline in price per unit.

The use of recycled HDPE for 3D printing filaments:

There is an increase in the adoption of 3D printing technology owing to the growth in the use of filaments made up of either PLA or ABS. The cost of these filaments is anywhere between $36/kg and $50/kg. However, the use of recycled HDPE in 3D printing reduces the cost to 10-20 cents/kg, which is a considerable reduction in cost. This has increased the demand for recycled HDPE which is increasingly being used for 3D printing filaments across different regions.

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