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Market Analysis Of Modified Plastics Industry In China 2017-2022
Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 27, 2018

In 2016, there were over 15,000 plastic product companies in China and the total sales revenue of the plastic product industry was around RMB2.30 trillion.

The modified plastic manufacturers are generally centered in the east and coastal regions, where the economy is relatively advanced. The output value in the Guangdong province takes 38% in the national output, Zhejiang 18% and Jiangsu 15%. This situation is determined by regional distribution of downstream modified plastics industry, which includes wires, automobiles, energy-saving lights, toys, household electric appliances and more.

In recent years, China's modified plastics industry remains fast in development. In 2016, the output rate of the modified plastics industry was over 10 million tonnes, rising by 4%. And the need for modified plastics reached about 9 million tonnes.

Modified plastics are made up of five general plastics and five engineering plastics by adding modifiers such as flame retardant, reinforcing agents and stabilizers. Widely used in automobile, domestic appliances, agriculture, building, electrical-electronic industry, light industry and the military industry.

China has become the largest potential market and the main impetus for demand rising. It is predicted that, in 2022, pulled by downstream industries including automobile, building, domestic appliance, etc., the amount of demand for modified plastics will increase to 14.2 million tonnes in China.

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