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Plastic Straw Ban Heats Up
Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 23, 2018

StarbucksGot a problem with your paper straw falling apart before you finish your drink? Drink faster! That’s the solution being offered by several drink companies when asked about the flimsy paper straws that are supposed to be substitutes for plastic straws.

It seems that the ban on plastic straws coming to a city near you is causing quite a stir. A front-page article in the Wall Street Journal on March 20, “The War on Straws Is Coming to a Bar Near You,” detailed the history of the straw and the necessity of straws in certain cases. For example, the article by Cara Lombardo cited a dentist who said if a person is drinking anything but water, they should be using a straw. Some people won’t put their lips on the rim of a drinking glass for fear the glass is not sterile enough.

Paper straws don’t hold up well, especially if it’s taking awhile to slurp down your milkshake. They also don’t work well as stirrers in drinks. Lombardo noted in her article that at one event sponsored by Smirnoff and Tanqueray by Diageo PLC (which dropped plastic straws), people “downed Moscow Mules quickly to prevent paper straws from disintegrating.” The WSJ article also said that one person noted his paper straw “wasn’t bad for 10 minutes—until it started absorbing his Coke Zero.”

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