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SK Chemicals Expand Its Presence In The Global Auto Parts Market With Next-gen PPS
Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 24, 2018

SK Chemical PPS for Auto Parts

Initz Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of SK Chemicals in collaboration with Hyundai Mobis, a global auto parts supplier, has successfully commercialized its ECOTRAN PPS (poly phenylene sulfide) compounds, the first material in the global auto industry to offer solution to the problem of headlamp haze by applying a super engineering plastic to automotive headlamp holders.

The world’s first chlorine-free PPS resin developed by Initz, a joint venture of SK Chemicals Co. Ltd. and Teijin Ltd. of Japan, is an engineering plastic that is being increasingly used to replace metal materials for “lightweighting”. The automotive industry has adopted the “light weighting” for all cars and trucks, especially for electric vehicles. PPS is highly resistant to both heat and corrosive chemicals. The environment-friendly techniques adopted by Initz to produce ECOTRAN PPS generate no byproducts with very few gases and impurities.

“Lamp haze” is a chronic car headlight problem that occurs due to generation of gas from the plastic parts inside headlamps when the internal temperature rises to over 200°C. The gas, on cooling, solidifies and adheres to the interior of the lamp resulting in a film that undermines light projection. This is dangerous to the safety of both drivers and pedestrians during night time. The condition reduces the performance of the vehicle and also adversely affect the appearance and light distribution value. Initz’s high-performance PPS provides the solution to the root cause of this problem.

Hyo-Kyung Kim, CEO, Initz, said, “We have resolved the troublesome automotive problem of headlamp haze by utilizing our technology and experience we have gained in developing the world’s first chlorine-free PPS. We will now expand our presence in the global auto parts market through continued development of materials technology.”

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