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UK Parliament Introduces Compostable Products To Replace Existing Single-use Plastic
Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 08, 2018

UK Parliament New Compostable ProductUK Parliament has made ambitious plans to eliminate single-use avoidable plastics from both Houses by 2019. UK Parliament introduced re-usable coffee cups in June this year as the first phase of its initiative. More than a thousand cups have already been sold to MPs, Peers, visitors, and staff working in Parliament. A new range of items will be introduced in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords by October, which will make a dramatic change in the use of single-use plastics in Parliament and would result in substantial reduction in their consumption.

Parliament, in its drive to eliminate use of single-use-plastics, will ban the sale of bottled water effective from October 2018 by immediately removing 120,000 plastic bottles from circulation annually. Plastic condiment sachets will also be replaced with a sustainable alternative as they have been found unnecessary.

“I am delighted to see significant progress being made in tackling single use avoidable plastics in Parliament”, said, Sir Paul Beresford MP, Chair of the Commons Administration Committee. He, added, “The measures we are introducing are ambitious and wide ranging, covering not just coffee cups but an array of items from plastic bottles, our new compostable products, to condiment sachets and stationery. Our aim is to remove, as far as possible, disposable plastic items from the Parliamentary Estate. Our challenging targets reflect Parliament’s commitment to leading the way in environmental sustainability.”

Lord Laming, Chair of the House of Lords Services Committee, commented, “This review has taken a holistic approach to plastic reduction, considering everything from disposable cutlery to packaging. The House of Lords has already substituted plastic straws with compostable paper ones and eliminated plastic condiment sachets. I am happy with the initiative taken.”

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